About me

Having been a practising veterinary surgeon and practice owner I understand the requirements for veterinary website projects and am able to provide 'generic' page content which is an good starting point for individual practices to amend or re-write as required.

I have also developed sites for a number of businesses and smaller organisations using compliant HTML5/CSS standards.

Media queries provide a responsive (RWD) viewing experience across different devices such as mobile, now used extensively for browsing. Take a look at this website on your mobile to see how it adapts.

I have a good understanding of optimisation (SEO) for recognition in Google and other search engine listings.

The development site is hosted on my own server so that all parties are able to see the work in progress and discuss the project as it moves forward.

A professionally designed logo incorporating the preferred colour scheme is a good starting point for the design process and good quality digital images provide interest for the user.

A domain name will need to be registered and web hosting arranged. Typical charges for hosting may be from £30.00 to £70.00 per annum for smaller sites.

Web hosting review

My charge for veterinary practice sites will be from £600 depending on the complexity of the website, number of pages and time taken for development. This is a 'one off' fee with no ongoing regular maintenance charges.

Maintenance, tweaks and updates are included for 3 months after the site is launched. More major work and amendments are charged at an hourly rate for time employed.

Websites for vets

Once the website is launched those with some familiarity with HTML code may manage and update the site independently through the control panel or by FTP upload.

(CuteFTP is popular)

More usually I will maintain the website charging an hourly rate for my time as required.

Smaller or larger sites are charged according to complexity and time employed in development.

Take a look at some of my sites and please contact me by email with your enquiry or to discuss a project you have in mind.