Another year of ups and downs with periods more like normality as well as periods of lockdown to endure. We did manage a few very pleasant short breaks to visit with family which cheered us up considerably but no international trips for a while as yet!
The main event this year of course was THE WEDDING!
Sarah and Liam were finally able to tie the knot and here is a flavour of our year in pictures.

We had a cold snap in January but it didn't last long

Visit to the glorious Lleyn Peninsula in April

Looking East

Barnes neighbourhood always good for a walk on a fine day

The Sun Inn our village pub

Barnes Riverside

The 'Break out of Lockdown' bike trip to Wales

Getting ready for a busy season at Bert's Kitchen Garden

Into the camping meadow

Overhead view of the camping meadow

Few days at the Knoll House in July

Knoll Beach with Freddie & Georgina

Fun on Studland Beach

In July Emma & Danielle were married in NY

Reg continues to cycle regularly

Stopping to see his favourite Herefords at Claygate

Couple of days at the Pig in August

Just chilling and eating some excellent food!

Garden continues to flourish

Book Club ladies weekend in Cardiff

Reg takes another bike trip to Wales in September!

Taking the opportunity to visit Johnny in Cornwall


After a long wait Sarah & Liam were finally able to get married in October

With Alice, Ian, Freddie, Georgina & Darcy plus Reg's cousin Mike & his lovely wife Pam

Hammersmith Bridge remains closed to traffic so we remain a litle isolated

We are lucky to have Richmond Park close by

Biddy & Alice at the extraordinary Portmeirion

Portmeirion in North Wales was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis

....between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village

Taking the easy option for Christmas this year at Moonfleet Manor!


We hope you all enjoy a lovely festive season together with your families and hope that in 2022 we may see more certainty and stability return to life and work. Stay safe and healthy xx



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